10 Things Successful Women Do

Portrait of beautiful business woman wearing glasses   Every woman is unique: They differ in what goals they set out for, where their passion lies and what circumstances and resources they have. Success can be identified from singer songwriter, Taylor Swift to Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Malala Yousafzai and although their successes are very different, their practices are quite similar. Here are 10 things all successful women do. They Create Check Lists There’s so many things to do in week let alone in a day. Make life simple by creating a checklist on paper or on your mobile device. Keeping a checklist allows you to zero in and complete each task. They Set S.M.A.R.T goals Setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals will encourage you to...
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On Trend: Spring 2015 Looks

Beautiful sexy young woman Spring is in the air and so is word about this upcoming season’s hottest trends. Spring 2015’s hair and beauty trends are definitely going to be simple so gear up or better yet, gear down to achieve this season’s minimalist movement.


In the Nude Less is better when it comes to your makeup this spring. At New York Fashion Week, fresh faced models strut the runway with minimal makeup. It’s okay to bare the real you - set the tone with a moisturizing BB Cream and a light dust of translucent powder for a matte, natural look. Kiss Me Lips Say goodbye to lipsticks and hello to lip stains because just bitten lips are in. To perfect your pout,...
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10 Habits That Could be Sabotaging Your Skincare Goals

Young beautiful woman trying to open a bottle of drink Skincare can be a tricky thing and especially when your skincare products don’t actually tell you that your lifestyle could be the culprit of not achieving the skin you want. Sure, the right skincare can encourage healthy looking skin but it has to compliment a healthy lifestyle. Here are ten habits that could be sabotaging your skincare goals. Drinking too Much Caffeine: Drinking too much caffeine throughout the day can dehydrate you causing your skin to look unhealthy and dry. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day not only hydrates you but helps the body to digest food, absorb nutrients and sweat out any toxins. Water can...
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Rocking the Red: Quick Tips to Perfect Your Pout


Red lipstick is something every woman should rock and is the most intimidating to try. How many times have you applied a sexy red lipstick only to wipe it off moments later? Either the application is not smooth enough, or it looks as though you aren’t coloring in between the lines! Celebrities are not the only ones who can rock the red, here are some expert tips to perfect your pout.

Portrait of beautiful girl with red lips, red manicure. Close up

Create a smooth canvas by exfoliating your lips prior to application. Create your own lip scrub at home by combining sugar and a good carrier oil like coconut oil. Gently work the lip scrub into your lips to remove any dry and dead skin cells. Another simple exfoliation method is to gently brush your lips with an unused soft toothbrush. Next, moisturize your lips to restore any lost moisture from exfoliating. After applying a lip moisturizer, apply a lip primer to fill in lip creases and to ensure that your lipstick won’t feather, fade or transfer. Before you start to apply your lipstick, you want to make sure that your lips are lined and filled for precise definition with a lip pencil as a base. Take your time, you can extend the outline of your lips (just a bit) to get a fuller pout.

It’s time to apply your lipstick. But Wait! Select a good quality lip brushfor easy application. Using a lip brush allows you to build color slowly. You’re almost done! After applying lipstick, set the color by covering your lips (lightly) with one-ply tissue. With your foundation powder brush, gently brush powder foundation onto your lips through the tissue. You can now apply one last coat of lipstick with your makeup brush for long lasting color.


To contour the shape of your lips, use a small brush to apply liquid foundation to the outside line of the lips: above the upper lip including the Cupid’s bow and the lower lip. Be sure to apply a very thin line and blend well. 

5 DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine girl Ah Valentine’s Day. Some loath the day while some couldn't be more exited. Love is in the air this Valentine’s regardless of who you are sharing it with! Here are 5 thoughtful DIY Valentine’s gifts for anyone on your list! Edible Valentine Cards Nothing is sweeter than giving something sweet. Bake cookies ahead of time and decorate with personalized sayings for that special someone. Gift your deliciousness in a Valentine’s decorated tin or box. Homemade Personal Care Homemade soaps, scented Epsom salts or even body butter can be quite easy and inexpensive to make. Browse basic “how to” recipes online and personalize your gifts of care with scents, dried flowers and essential oils. Finally, package the potions and lotions in mason jars labelled with...
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4 Ways Working Out Can Improve the Look of You Skin

beautiful fitness woman, outside shot Don’t you just love it when you can incorporate one small thing into your lifestyle and reap rewards after? Working Out – it’s the gift that just keeps giving! Yeah sure, it can be a little tough to get motivated but once you see the benefits there will be nothing stopping you! Here are 4 ways working out can improve your skin (imagine what else exercise can do for the rest of you)! 1) Sweat Out Toxins – Our skin is the largest organ of our body and can either absorb or release toxins. High endurance exercise encourages the body to release toxins through perspiring. The result? Vibrant, healthy-looking skin! 2) Better Sleep – We all know that sleep...
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How to Enhance the Look of Your Eyelashes

Profile of beautiful young woman braids hair Who knew that eyelashes could be so important? Since ancient times eyelashes have been decorated, coated and combed to enhance expression in both men and women. Here are our top ways to enhance those fluttery frames around your eyes. Good Mascara – Yes, It’s an Investment! We have all tried crappy mascara that has made our eyelashes either clump, look spidery and straight or have even left residue on our cheeks! Investing in good quality mascara will condition your eyelashes and give you a full natural look. Fill in the Lines Filling in your top and bottom waterlines can make your eyelashes appear fuller. Use an eye pencil that is similar to the color of your mascara and...
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Tips to Keep You Energized and Awake While in Class

Study The winter semester has started and your sleep pattern is still stuck on holiday mode. Here are 10 Tips to keep you energized and awake while in class. Ask Questions – Being engaged in class discussions or asking questions will instantly boost your energy and concentration by being involved in what you are learning. Stay Hydrated – Packing a water bottle filled with cold water can help you stay awake and alert throughout the day. Taking small sips is a quick way to keep refreshed all day long. Citrus – Eating a mandarin during class will not only give you a quick boost of Vitamin C, but the citrus scent is known to boost your mood instantly. Take Notes – Taking notes can keep you...
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10 Tips for Clearer Skin

Beauty Portrait. Beautiful Spa Woman Touching her Face It sometimes feels like no matter what you do, your skin just won’t become as clear as you’d like! While it may seem like you’re doing all the right things, here are 10 Tips that will help get the radiant, even- toned and healthy skin you want! Taste the Rainbow – Now we are not suggesting Skittles ladies! Eating raw fruits and vegetables of various colors will give you the Vitamin A and C that your skin needs for cell turnover and overall skin health. Not only will your skin thank you for all the amazing Vitamins that fruits and vegetables contain, but it will also be nurtured with minerals. Run Like the Wind – Studies...
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20 Habits Not to Break This New Year

celebration It’s time to ring in the New Year and the pressure is on to be out with the old and in with the new. Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions! We all could change a thing or two about ourselves, but what is it about the first two weeks of January that makes us want to change and why can’t many of us hold fast to our resolutions? It’s time to embrace the positive things about you! Here are 20 habits not to break this year. Laughing Taking in some Me Time Exercising at least three times a week Experiment in the kitchen with new foods Dancing Getting a restful sleep each night Spending time with loved ones Mindful listening Lending a helping hand Recycling Eating a well-balanced diet Yearly checkups Planning for the future Enjoying the present moment Working...
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