Fall 2014 Makeup Trends

Depositphotos_20025401_mDepositphotos_7839741_mA Mix of Metallic

Silver, bronze and gold are making their mark this fall, from subtle flicks on the lash line to full, dramatic eye shadows. If you’re going for a soft and natural makeup look, swipe a rose gold liner across your water line to brighten the eyes and appear more awake. For a more daring look, experiment with a metallic eye shadow all over the lid.

Lots of Liner

The goal of any good liner is to create definition, so finding a technique that works for you is key. Black is best when it comes to eyeliner this Fall, so try a smokey eye, winged effect or bottom liner and watch as your makeup...
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Makeup Tutorial – Navy Smokey Eye
Tired of the same old makeup routine? A bold smokey eye is a great way to make your eyes pop and demand attention. For extra drama, add a splash of colour! Try this spin on the classic smokey eye, with a stunning shade of midnight blue. Perfect for an evening out on the town with your girls, or a romantic date night with your other half.
At the end of the night, don't forget to give your eyes and face a break by taking it all off with Me!
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Baring it All: Benefits of Removing Makeup

woman beauty
It’s the end of a long day and you’re all settled in for the night. The last thing you want to do is get up to remove your makeup. What’s one night, right? Here are 3 reasons why makeup removal affects more than just the cleanliness of your pillowcase.

Let your skin breathe!

Okay, so your skin doesn’t actually breathe, but when you apply makeup you are blocking the skin, which can cause pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, irritation and dullness. For healthy, radiant skin, makeup removal is essential.

Remove toxins

Our bodies absorb as much as 5 pounds of chemicals per year! Many of the cosmetics we use contain toxic ingredients that are absorbed into our skin and put us at risk. It’s...
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Miss World Canada Loves Me!
You don’t have to be a beauty queen to love Max/Effects Naturals, but Camille Munro is and does.
“I don’t have to scrub and rub to get the makeup off. It comes off easily, leaving my skin without any red spots or blotches and I feel great,” says Camille.

image001Me 3in1 Makeup Remover PLUS Toner

Available in 400ml OR 65ml  Travel Size 96% Natural Paraben, Alcohol and Oil FREE For Sensitive Skin & Eyes Perfect for False lashes and contact lens wearer sClinically Tested for Safety Under Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Control Unique One-Hand, Spa Grade Pump Proudly Made in Canada

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Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

The world of beauty is constantly evolving and it’s easy to fall behind on the latest crazes, but we won’t let that happen. Check out this summer’s hottest makeup looks and trends.

Praise Purple

From soft and subtle to flashy and bold, purple is invading makeup bags everywhere. Swipe a sweet shade of lilac across your lids, or pucker up and apply a deep lipstick. With purple, anything goes.

Aquatic Eye

Because who doesn’t want to be a mermaid in their next life? Either we’ve gotten lost in time, or blue eye shadow is back and bigger than ever.

Bold Brow

Gone are the days of the plucked away invisi-brows, this summer is all about bringing back the blunt and boyish brows. To achieve this dramatic...
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Summer Hair & Makeup
Summer is all about tousled hair and simple makeup, but mastering a look that says, "I'm fun and flirty, without even trying," is not a simple task. It can be almost as difficult as achieving the perfect pony tail or messy bun.
Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. For a soft and effortless summer feel, try a lilac eye sealed with a red lip and beachy waves.
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