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The “No Soap and Water” Facial Cleansing Trend – We’ve Got You Covered

2 You’ve probably heard the buzz on cleansing waters or “micellar solutions” through international beauty bloggers. Micellar cleansing waters originated in France and were sought after by visitors to France including international models, celebrity makeup artists and entertainers. The bottom line on micellar waters is that they are any cleansing product that requires no water or scrubbing, removes face and eye makeup, contains micellar (which is a fatty acid and/or surfactant that has both water and oil binding properties), and requires no rinsing. Today’s moto in skin care is “less is more”: less chemicals, less abrasive and less time. The beauty behind the cleansing water technology is that it offers all of the above. You’re probably wondering what cleansing waters are actually formulated with?...
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5 Things That Make You Sexy

Beautiful female fashion model with colorful make up and curly h We all know that sexiness is a state of mind but applying the right shade of lipstick never hurts. Bring sexy back with these life-long rules that will enhance any wardrobe, makeup pallet or situation. Here are five things that can make you sexy instantly. Being Sexy and Knowing It Confidence is a girl’s best accessory and a lack of can really cramp your style. Confidence means being happy and comfortable with who you are and learning how to rock your personal style intuitively. Feeling confident is very different than feeling like you are better than others and sometimes it can be tricky to define the line between the two. Being Open to New Experiences Sometimes...
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8 Habits to Stay Fit

beautiful fitness woman posing, studio shot Fitness is an ongoing cycle that has to be adjusted through different stages in life. Sometimes life happens and the gym is not as excisable as it once was or sometimes no matter how much time we invest in the gym it’s just not cutting it! Getting fit and lean is a lifestyle. Here are 10 habits to stay fit.
  1. Take the Stairs: It so much easier said than done – especially when you are in a hurry! Sneaking in the stairs each day can give you the little bouts of cardiovascular exercise that you need, muscle tone and a few less calories to worry about.
  2. Park Further: Don’t waste time finding the nearest parking spot and spend...
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Create Your Own Fountain of Youth at Home – 6 Ingredients to Add to Your Bath

Total relaxation. Bath time can definitely be a luxury when you are constantly on the go. Between either school, work or family and friends, who has the time to sit in a bathtub? Baths don’t happen as often as they should and that’s why you deserve to bathe in ultra-luxuriousness.  Create your very own fountain of youth at home with little extras that make a world of difference. Epsom Salt Soaking in a magnesium rich bath is a simple way to sweat out toxins and boost magnesium in the body. This process makes the body feel energized and the skin look glowing. Add about 2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath water for these great health benefits. Be sure to drink plenty of...
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Wait! Fill in Your brows the Right Way

Portrait of young beautiful brunet woman We need to talk about this epidemic: the brow factor. It seems as though many are under the impression that the bigger and bolder you go with your brows, the better your face will be framed. We are in the day and age of permanently surprised and frightened looking women and something definitely has to change! Brows can be beautiful and really are the frames of your face (if done correctly).  Here’s how to fill in your brows the right way. Rule #1: Choose the Right Color For a natural subtle look, you first need to assess your brows. Is your eyebrow hair more sparse or do you have a thicker brow? If you have brows that are...
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How to Care for Your Skin at 20-Something

beautiful woman with long curly hair Being in your 20s is fun. By this time, you are probably saying goodbye to pesky breakouts and finally understanding your skin type. Your 30s are next and what better way to wish your 20s farewell with absolutely gorgeous skin. Maintain your best skin for years to come with our experts top beauty mantras. What Goes In, Shines on the Outside While we know that diet is the most important for healthy vibrant skin, studies are starting to show that diet plays a more active role in your skin health as your get older. Opt for whole, fresh foods for healthier looking skin. Clean Things Up The last thing that you want to do is to go to bed with...
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10 Things Successful Women Do

Portrait of beautiful business woman wearing glasses   Every woman is unique: They differ in what goals they set out for, where their passion lies and what circumstances and resources they have. Success can be identified from singer songwriter, Taylor Swift to Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Malala Yousafzai and although their successes are very different, their practices are quite similar. Here are 10 things all successful women do. They Create Check Lists There’s so many things to do in week let alone in a day. Make life simple by creating a checklist on paper or on your mobile device. Keeping a checklist allows you to zero in and complete each task. They Set S.M.A.R.T goals Setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals will encourage you to...
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